blogquotes version b02.1

New release of blogquotes is out, with the biggest change being a switch from exclusive reliance on google accounts for login to leveraging a cool service at that gives me a simple way of integrating authentication from a bunch of different sources. So you no longer need to be a google user to use blogquotes!  

Note that if you were previously using google to login this should just work albeit with a slightly different UI. And if you find other methods to be more preferable they should also "just work" provided that you use the same email address for those services. Note the logout button at the top of the page which will tell you what email or ID you've logged in with. So for example if I login with facebook all my old quotes are there, but if I login with blogger which doesn't use the same email address I get nothing and am essentially starting fresh. 

enhancement : support for Facebook, Google, Windows Live ID (includes hotmail), Blogger, Wordpress and LiveJournal logins  (have yet to validate Wordpress + LiveJournal) 
bugfix : javascript remote inclusion could still barf on some unicode, added clientside utf-8 handling

In the background I've also made a number of restructuring changes to the code which should help me release changes faster.  

Please leave comments on this post if you are having trouble getting access or for some reason can't see the quotes you've already entered. (no data has been deleted!)