Blogquotes version b01.1

A new version of blogquotes has been published this morning. Not a lot of new features, but at least the wheels are turning again and some annoying bugs have been addressed.

- bugfix: adding quotes with some types of punctuation caused page errors
- bugfix: unicode characters in quotes caused errors when pulling those quotes out for includes
- bugfix: hitting enter on the "who" input field caused a page error, now hitting enter is equivalent to clicking "Add"
- enhancement: updated to a new faster version of the YUI data table
- enhancement: moved quote entry form above the quote table to avoid scrolling down when adding to an already long list
- enhancement: adding a quote will blank out the form and put focus back to the quote textbox
enhancementmore obvious navigation in left column for moving between managing and including quotes
enhancementminor cosmetic improvements (title bar, fonts, spacing etc)
enhancementnew welcome page that includes more than the word "Login"
- degredation : banner ad now in right column (sorry... appengine ultimately is not free and I'm worried about potential rising costs)

Please comment on this post if you use blogquotes and want to see specific features.