LRO sends us some underwhelming evidence!

I remain a huge fan of projects like LRO, and personally still believe that the disbelievers are crackpots but I also have to admit to being a little underwhelmed by the photos listed here on NASA's site for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Still, I'm excited "we're" (go NASA) going back, and if anything this just really highlights for me how damn big our "little" moon is. Easy to forget that the satellite that's taking those photos is still 50 kilometers! away from the surface, so somewhat understandable that we're not getting the close ups I'd love to see.

There is a pretty cute video of the LRO launch party here (check side bar) that is worth checking out. The highlight for me was seeing the communications in action, the laser ranging support for the data coming from LRO looks like a large robot with big green blinking eyes.

Congratulations and good luck LRO team, if you can now just convince Sarah then your mission can surely be called a great success.