I have some reading to do!


I came across this list of the best 15 science fiction series ever written. The reason I love seeing this is 1) it contains a bunch of science fiction series I've already read and thought very highly of and 2) contains some series I've never even heard of, which of course is exciting since it means I have some reading to do.

For all I know the guy who wrote the list is totally unqualified and preying on people's ego by throwing familiar items on a list with a bunch of obscure ones, but I'm gonna go with it.

The series I've read so far :
  • Space Odyssey
    • I've only read 2001 so far, and only just recently. I had a total Aha! moment reading that book and finally getting bits of the movie that were totally nonsensical to me at the time. The book was great, the movie is overrated.
  • Rama series
    • My introduction to Arthur C. Clarke (RIP) and definitely my favorite work of his so far. I loved the matter of fact nature with which Clarke wrote, it helped make everything so believable. That and his respect for actual real science which is a total joy to read.
  • Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy
    • Douglas Adams is my hero. He is insanely brilliant in the same way George Bush aren't.
  • Ender's Game
    • Honestly I've lost track of all the Ender books, so I may not have read all of them, but I've read three or four and loved them all. For straight pure entertainment value I don't know that I've ever enjoyed a sci-fi book as much as the original Ender's game. I recently got Caitlin to read it and she loved it (she's not exactly a hard core sci-fi fan)
  • Foundation Series
    • I got through all of these and I think all of the robot books as well. Very quick fun reads that had really nice tie in across books. I'm not sure these deserve the top ranking unless we're just talking pure volume. They were enjoyable but not life changing enjoyable like Douglas Adams or Arthur C Clarke though.
First books on the list I'll go for will probably be ringworld. This is probably the third or fourth time in the last year where I thought to myself I should read it.