clever youtube covers

In the spirit of using the blog as a personal online searchable storage medium here is a playlist of some covers on youtube that I totally get a kick out of... most of these are songs I came across in the past year and am now just logging so I don't forget them.

Youtube is absolutely full of crap song covers by amateur artists in their basements. I think that's cool and all, I can imagine myself posting something like that when I was first learning guitar but it's not something I want to watch (does anyone?). These are a little different and with the exception of the first cover, which just rocks because it's a wicked song, all do something a little different with the original song.
  1. Fairytale of New York (The Pogues) - The Mahones With Damhnait Doyle (a lot like the original, very good)
  2. Hey Ya (Outkast) - Matt Weddle of Obadiah Parker (very different, I had no idea the lyrics to this song were good. Matt has an amazing voice, wait for the end when he really belts it out)
  3. I might be wrong (Radiohead) - Amnesiac Quartet (jazzy instrumental)
  4. Idioteque (Radiohead) - Matt Weddle of Obadiah Parker (not as good as hey ya, but I happened it across it while looking at the others so here you go)
  5. Who is it (Bjork) - Matt Weddle of Obadiah Parker (it's a Matt Weddle playlist, this song is much more mellow than Bjork's version, doesn't really get good until about half way through)