Transcendent Man!

I read the singularity is near last year and really enjoyed it, despite a few misgivings for Kurzweil's ego and some dubious use of statistics. One of the things I found myself really intrigued by was Kurweil himself and this movie looks like a fun look at the man and his ideas.

Do I believe him? Part of me wants to, definitely. The ultimate end-game of the singularity is fascinating and wondrous, but I actually found some of the more intermediate steps in his projections to be more fascinating. Maybe that's just a factor of what I can relate to. One example of this was the idea that nano-technology will lead us to self-assembling products from base materials and an instruction set transmitted as information. So much of my life is already so information focused that the idea of being able to go 100% information based and the implications on how society is structured etc... it's mind numbingly cool. Try to imagine how much energy, time and effort we put into moving goods around this planet and how incredible it would be for all of that to end.

Anyway, looking forward to renting this one when it becomes available.