ajax for mac lovers

Another Ajax Framework :  (or rather, an Application Framework)

 Demo app built using it:
And a teaser for all those interface builder lovers out there : 
I came across this in reader this morning and was totally  blown away by how well the 280 slides application  worked. It's really impressive... on non IE browsers. I sent the link to a co-worker to check out and he basically dismissed it as too slow and unresponsive, "typical web app". It took a minute or two to realize the browser was the problem at which point I launched the app in IE 8 Beta (IE 8!) and it performed terribly.It looked terrible, it was jerky and generally just a big let down after the speed of Chrome. 

Whatever the technical reasons are, it sucks. Let's hope the new generation of javascript engines (FF3.1 and Chrome) are able to push Microsoft into stepping up. I'm excited about Flex and Silverlight and JavaFX but really I want to believe we can keep pushing the browser without the plugin.