From Chrome with Love

A million bloggers all posting on the same topic, why shouldn't I join in. The Google chrome team has got to be enjoying themselves right now. I read the comic yesterday and really enjoyed it. Seeing a company I can't help but admire sit down and rethink the browser in so thorough of a manner is inspiring. Even just the QA involved is pretty damn impressive.

I've been using the chrome browser for a day now and have to same I'm pretty happy with it. I can already feel a need for some of the firefox extensions that I rely on so heavily, but at the same time I feel more productive and less distracted in this browser than I do in firefox. It's FAST, really fast on my machine at work. I can't wait until this is available for my mac.

I really enjoyed this article from John Siracusa, it sums up nicely what I find so inspiring about this and points out the real motivation for Google to create yet another browser.

(I'm almost regretting my recent commitment to developing an RIA in silverlight! Where oh where are my first class developer tools for browser based development.... )