Javascript session hacking

I had to blog this, and yeah I'm going to be the billionth person to do so, but that's ok because no one reads my blog and it's basically just my personal public archive. (ppa?) 

This guy has managed to find a very clever place to store data within the browser without resorting to cookies, flash or anything beyond basic cross browser javascript. Apparently "" which lost it's usefulness when the spammers started making popups obsolete can contain arbitrarily long strings that persist as long as that window is open (equivalent to a session cookie) 

This is damn cool, and while a part of me twinges at the hack-ish nature of overloading a window property with a bunch of json strings, well this is javascript we're talking about here so what the hell.  You're already standing out in the rain trying to build a fire with soggy sticks and no pants so why not use what you've been given. 

This is just one of those things I know I'll want to come back to one day for one of my pet projects so I thought I'd blog it.